ALTER EGO pt. 2 | a series 

This series Alter Ego was a semester-long series, where I wanted to emphasize my personal work of self-portraiture as well as collaborate with some of my closest friends and invite them into the fantasy that is my work.

Jonathan Logan 

I implemented every step from hair, makeup, costume, and the photos that were taken to create these various versions of my friends and to bring to light a part of themselves that they possibly didn't know existed. Giving them the freedom to express themselves in a transformation way. 

Mark Sorace | Before

Mark Sorace | After

Karis Gould | Before

Karis Gould | After

Quinn Butler | Before

Quinn Butler | After

Lilly Capombassis | Before

Lilly Capombassis | After

Alessandra Del Gatto | Before

Alessandra Del Gatto | After

Tessa Freudenberger | Before

Tessa Freudenberger | After

Sam Ernszt | Before

Sam Ernszt | After

ALTER EGO pt. 2 | a series

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